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if you were going to upgrade from the standard non cup'd one, would you buy a cup spoiler or a Trophy one?? i cannot decide between the two....


Trophy! They are more Expensive and quite Rare but defo Trophy! If money didn't matter!
Much nicer!
they are vthe same as the V6 one!
  Civic Type-R
Well I was in the same boat a while back and I went for the Cup Spoiler. For me the V6 spoiler just looks too stuck on if not on a V6 and if you look at it side on it looks out of place. Plus the Cup spoiler brake light matches the rear lights. Also saves you about £100 :) All IMO
  Chocolate Bar™
V6!!!! dont like the red light in the cup ones really, specially on a black car







If you don't mind paying Extra the V6 has to be a Must!
Would probably have to be resprayed unless you get lucky and find a Blue 1, Oh Sorry Didn't read correctly, Racing Blue? Don't get V6's in that colour!


The Cheapest I have seen around my Area is £240! So yeah you got a Fooking Bargain!
Looks Good Middo! Love the all round look of your car! Its Nice and Different!
  Chocolate Bar™
lmao nah not till next year, i bought some new wheels before i got insurance quotes and found out it was the same for a 172 as a modded 1.2 :(