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Spotted in Tynemouth...

ClioSport member Silver MKII with big mud flapps was crusin round the coast at the time.

Have not been down to Tynemouth for a while seemed like there were a lot cars out in front of Beacons Field, is it always like that.

Could not get anyone to chase me though!!!
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Alright matey!

Wasnt me but I parked next to one at the three mile inn in Gosforth! Twins!!!

Where is the Beacons Field? G/f lives in Whitley Bay and I often see another 172 around there!

Still havent seen you around!!!! Are you hiding?

Coneechewa GeordiePaul.!! (Spelling I know)

Havnt see you either. Only 172 I have seen since picking up the CTR (normally see a few) is a MK1 Titanum (standard) a few times.

I have spotted "twofastforyou" as he works in RegentCentre (I believe after the description of his car). Yet to meet him on the road 3 Mile is nice now after they done it out, only work round the corner.

I seem to see more CTRs than I did when I drove the clio, strange !!!

Later. Keith
  honda accord 2.4 type s

If ever there was "a kick in the teeth for geordies", it is to suggest that twofast4u lives up here!!! (nightmare)

Yes "twofastforyou" may be from the north east.

I aint going to hound the guy or defend him either but I am sure if any North East 172 owners spot him I am sure you can check out his claims.

The thing is that, if it is the car I am thinking, it does look nice. I would go as far to say better than the 172 on looks as to performance and handling I could not possible comment.

Although I am an ex-member I must say it is pleasing to see other drivers when they sport the logo. "align=absmiddle>

See you all on the roads...