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Spring Changing help !!!

  BMW M3
Set out today to put some sportlines on my 182 and before starting the rear, thought id better check i can get the 2 21mm nuts off under the bonnet....

... which i cant !! I know the genreral priciple that i should move the nut and not the centre section.... but how do you do this. It just kept spinning with enough pressure.

Any help would be greatly appriciated as i need this done by tomorrow latest.

Have you tried using a breaker bar or strongarm?

Or even one of the £20 Argos air guns, would most likely buzz it straight off


ClioSport Club Member
  57 Renault Dauphine
dnt you need a ring spaner and a allen key? look down the centre of the center bit. ive never had a problem using this method
  BMW M3
A spanner and allen key in theory would work but the strut top nut is sunk down so cant get spanner on it. Tried and starts stripping so not doing it any more.

Would a impact wrench loosen the nut without spinning the whole lot, if you know what i mean?
Yeah its hard to explain without showing someone, it sort of 'shocks' and spins it off, think a few people will understand :eek:

Try a swan necked spanner if you cant get a normal one in.
justin, i had the same problem... i tried so hard the allen key snapped off in the strut top, and its still there to this day.

A quick trip to RenTech and Mike had the bolts off in a blink of the eye with his air gun.
  BMW M3
Thanks guys !!

Glad I know i wasnt being stupid. Think tomorrow i will either look for a imapct wrench or a swan neck spanner. Although i tried with some allen keys and think i have stripped the inside (6mm allen)

I presume the impact wrench yanks it very quick so the rest doesnt have time to turn as well (if you see what i mean again lol)

Hopefully a bit more success tommorrow and the sportlines can come out my boot.