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Sprint / Trackday combo

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Easytrack are talking about trying out a sprint & trackday combo next season. The format would probably be a morning on the track - normal trackday stuff, then a sprint competition in the afternoon. This is probably about the closest we will ever get to a competitive trackday - it sounds brilliant fun. If it catches on we could get truly comparative lap times for various circuits just like we get quarter mile times.

Ill post more details when they become available.

Definitely sounds like fun, depending on costs at the time then I would be very interested..... gotta break my duck soon on the track !
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Well done boyz - I knew I could rely on the usual suspects! More to follow next month - Rockingham appears to be the favourite venue at the moment. :D

Sounds good, but there could be some insurance problems with it being a timed event.

Also youre more likely to stuff it, if you are racing against the clock.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Personally Im much more likely to stuff it trying to keep up with an R500 round the track :devilish: Dont have insurance for trackdays anyway.... Its just for fun ;) Quote from the EzT forum:

- Its just a bit of fun - if you really want full competition straight away, youd do better going straight to your local organising club.
- Well be with a bunch of equally clueless comrades (plus a few with a bit of experience who Im sure will be happy to offer advice)
- Its one car at a time, so you it doesnt matter whether the next car is an R500 or a 2CV
- Whatever classes are used, youll still find who your competition are when you start seeing times.

Anyhow, more details to follow in a couple of weeks time.

be interesting to see how my valver holds up against the 2ltr boys when shes feeling better! Strip the b**ch out and hold on tight!