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squeeking noise from cold start...... elp

this morning when leaving the drive.. had my music off.. and window down... i noticed after getting to 40... not ragging or anything... gear changing at 2500-3000rpm. when i let off the accelerator... theres a like a mouse squeeking noise coming from front of car.. either front right wheel or something... only at low speed this happens tho i think? or when i go over a bump...

could possibly be the front shocker? or possibly a bearing?

If so... this could be my valid point i need to get it lowered. :) without my parents on my back for spending more money on it!

Cheers James
  Williams 2, STi N12

Not just a loose alternator belt??

If it was a bearing you will hear it more going round corners one way or the other. Like a dull grinding noise.

Shockers, dunno. Check for leaks. The springs do have a habbit of breaking though, the last inch or so shears off and sits in the support cup, then only rattles when you go over a bump. Just give them a once over, mine have only just been changed.

Sorry I cant help much.

cheers for advice

will check alternator belt when i go home tonight.

and the springs. but i might just buy a suspension kit and be done with it anyway

Although the ride quality of the williams standard suspension is spot on.

Sounds like a belt, mine does it when its damp in the morning. Does the sound go away once the car in warmed up?
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Sounds like a loose fan belt !!

Might need a new one !! Only cheap and easy to fit !!