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squeeky wipers

  2.0 Auris
I have a annoying problem with my clio the wipers ive put two new sets of blades on it and no diffrance they make a horriable noise when i put them on could it be the wiper linkage?the strange thing is sometimes they are silent once in a blue moon its starting to bug me now any of u have an idea of whats wrong?is it a common problem?


de-grease the windscreen with a solution of vinegar and water or similar mate. Should help the squeaky-ness ;)
  VW Golf TDI
nooooo not the squeeky wipers, my 172 was terrible, take it back to renault if its under warranty, they will sort it, if not take the linkage to bits and greese it up or something, i bought 3 sets of blades then lifted the wipers off the screen as if i was washing it and it still squeeked, so it must have been the linkage.
  1.6 Astra ... R.I.P. 182
i pulled the metal bar out the wiper and it doesnt squeek any more. it let the wiper adapt to the shape of the windscreen.
  2.0 Auris
Thanks Grant i will try that last night i pushed down where the wipers are at the bottom of the windscreen and last night they were silent but they will need a look at.If you want to see my car its afew pages back on the same forum hope you like?
  Nimbus Megane R26
wipe ur wiper blades with vinegar, job's a good un'. It degreases them, worked for me!