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standard 182 headunit aux in connection

does anyone know what connection/connectors the headunit in the standard 182 (cabasse) uses for the aux in? I have enabled the aux in (via the expert mode/options) so it is now selectable using the source button. Now I just need to buy the correct cable, any help would be much appreciated.



[Edited by jonritzmann on 04 July 2005 at 1:50pm]

not sure mate sorry... All i know is there is an aux in, I have it enabled, but not sure what connection it uses. Might have to just pull it out and have a look...

just spoke to someone from renault... lol why did i even bother to try...

them "does the radio work"

me "yes"

them "then why do you need to know"

me "just forget it

I shall stay well away from that dealership lol