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standard exhaust 172

  clio172,nimbus 197
isit normal 4 my standard ph2 172 exhaust to be quiet loud whilst driving i took it to a garage they said its blowing any were any ideas do u think its just to rotted thanks
  clio172,nimbus 197
pass ive only had the car for 7months so not sure how long but its very loud when at high speed it sounds like its got an aftermarket exhaust on it even tho its a standard one
  Clio 172 ph2
mines the same, really loud and quite annoying! so i took it off cut the top off took all the loose rattley baffles out and welded the top back on! while it was off i welded all the weak spots like the hanger and the pipe,

its alot better now and gives a nice note after removing the baffles!


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
Is it O.E Renault? There are some nasty ebay specials that are super loud and look like o.e spec, and are about £30 to buy.
  clio 172
I'm off to MIJ Performance tomorrow to get a custom one made as the Renault ones just rot and are to heavey for the fixings... cheaper to have a custom one made than buy a renault replacement
Mines very loud and its also nearly brand new - only done about 7k miles in as many months. People tend to think its my an aftermarket system but its OE spec, thought it was blowing when I first got it but it isn't anywhere so must just be how the exhaust is.