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Starting issues

  MG ZR 1.8
I have a 1.4 16v 03 plate, reg- bj53 gkv, Incase anyone can tell me parts prices!

I had an issue a month or so ago, where it was turning over, but not firing.
Took it to a garage to go on a diagnostics machine and it turns out it was my onboard computer, which they replaced for me, everything was brilliant.. Until a week later I'm out go to take my friends home and bang... The exact same thing, turning over, but won't fire.
This time I called the AA after a bump start and rolling start failed. The guy said to swap my micro relays round if it does it again and get some new ones, so went back to the same garage again next day an they replaced the micro relays for free.

Been perfect for about 4 weeks, and went for a nice day out today, got in the car and the same thing!!
Again, turning over but not firing, tried pumping pedals, swapping the relays round like AA told me to. Then a Friend told me to rock the car back and forth a few times with some help from some kind people and it started... This makes me think it's my starter motor..? What should I do? I've read Some things on here about it but I don't know how similar my problem is to anyone else's by description.

Anyone help me? :)
If I've not explained something properly just ask me to explain again :D


ClioSport Trader
  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
Would need it plugging in really Steph but sounds to me like a crank sensor issue... But without seeing the live data it could also be something else. Did they really replace the ECU? LoL

Diamond Motors
  MG ZR 1.8
I can't remember if it's the main ecu, or something to do with the immobiliser as it was the first thing my few mechanic friends thought it was.

I don't know exactly what was replaced, as my dad paid... And sorted it with the garage. (daddy's princess lol )