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Starting Problam

  Renault clio
Today, i opened my car fine, and sat in the car, put my key in the ignition, but the flashing light wont turn off it just flashes faster,
can some one help please

  Ph1 track 172
what happens when you try to start to start?

sounds like the problem is down to an imobiliser fault!

wouldnt know where to start fixing that though
  Megane 225 F1
Try your spare key. I had this. The key wasn't working with the immobiliser. The spare key worked though.
  Renault clio
iv tried starting it, and it'll just flood the car, and i have two keys

1) has the central locking, and starts up the car
2) the other car opens the car manually and the petrol, but it wont start the car, because its the same, the previous owner but a different lock in the car, so its all messed up
god i hate this car