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Steamy Windows !


Mk 2 172 now has 4k on it, BUT, drivers side headlight unit keeps steaming up. This obviously must affect the beam alignment. Anybody else had this. Probably going to talk to the dealer ref warranty.

Any other suggestions ?

it will def be covered under warranty.

Not sealed correctly so condensation is forming all they will do is reseal but can be quite expensive if not done under warranty
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This happens on most 172 I have seen, happens on mine with 2K on it. Aparently there is a bit in the hand book about this I think, I remember GirlRacer saying about this.


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The dealer told me that it isnt a problem, as when the air is dry or the lights are turned on, the warmth dries up any condensation. It mentions this in the handbook. Obviously the unit itself isnt sealed, otherwise we wouldnt be able to change the bulbs.

hang on, the units must be sealed to an extent, otherwise each time you switch on your lights you light up the engine bay which leads to less light out front.

so where does the moisture escape to when you switch them on? it doesnt/cant.

we have the same prob with our 16vs in that the fogs mist up and never clear. i took mine out and put them on the radiator for a week, siliconed around the seam and there fine. (then i used the holes for cold air feeds but there we go)


  Shiny red R32

Cliocup, if you think they are sealed then how do you think you replace or change the bulbs????
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They are not sealed - the bulbs (main beam and sidelights) just clip in like any old headlamp. The HID dip beams are different but thats got nothing to do with the condensation. The misting up happens on our Megane too - its normal. The foglamps are a different matter. Condensation in those is a problem.

BTW did anyone find any blue H11 bulbs for the foglamps yet?
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Misting is quite normal on xenon units.

H11 bulbs there are no aftermarket brighter ones available blue vision etc. Phillips stated to me that there are so few cars with this fitment that they dont do the upgrade set in this type. :-(
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Phillips are therefore miserable gits, and are spoiling my enjoyment of my car. I spit on their bluevision bulbs, and pray that the lack of such a product contributes to their blobal downfall.

fords have this prob and its down to crap sealing on the headlight, and ford replace them under warrenty if they are within time period.


slightly off topic, anyone know how to realign the xenons for the continent as there are no marks that U used to get on goodol fashioned units

And yes a bit of condensation in the main beam unit is not a major issue, just watch for a puddle. Fogs is a diff. matter.