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Steel wheels

The past couple of days Ive been thinking about getting a second set of wheels + tyres for track/airfield use to save some precious rubber off my road tyres.

Yesterday I was offered a set of four 172 Mk 1 alloys and tyres for £400. However, at the mo this is a bit out of my price range. Chatting to Stu yesterday he gave me an idea. As I now have a new set of Toyos on order for the standard Mk 2 172 wheels, if I could find some steel wheels to fit the contis that are coming off the car I would have an extremely cheap set of track wheels.

So, firstly is this a good idea? Does anyone know if you can get steel wheels that the 195/45 R 16 contis will slip onto? If so where from? Scrappy will do - its just finding the right car.



um.....i run steelies and i actually think they look frikkin FAB!!!!

mine are resprayed anthracite, or rather, ford graphite grey.

anyway, have a look in teh reault showrrom, the boots of the new laguna, meganes etc etc

yeah, brake coolin is pretty bad too.....

you can actually get he centres to glow red, then when you turn a corner, itll bend right under the car!