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Steering clunking noise


ClioSport Club Member
I was going round a roundabout at 182 pace and heard something clunk, like a stone or something. Then just after that, driving straight I briefly heard a rattling like something was rolling... inside something. Sounded like a stone rolling in the boot, if the boot had no carpet. 😅

Now when I go round a tight bend, or swerve side to side at low speed there is a clunk noise/feeling. At first I thought a wheel nut had come loose. Felt like a wheel is shifting as I corner.

I lifted the car up and wiggled the wheels about. Checked the nuts were tight. Nothing really felt off.

Now I'm thinking maybe top mounts? Or steering rack? I dunno. Why do these things have to happen the night before a long drive 😩
The car is going in the garage next week to get new ABS rings anyway.


ClioSport Club Member
Did you get this sorted? I was going to guess at an anti roll bar bush or clamp.
No, I've got it booked in to SWR next Thursday. I took it to a local garage but he didn't find it. Said it didn't seem steering related as turning the wheels at a stand still didn't make the noise.

Hope it's nothing serious 🤞

Oh and just because this car loves me so much the front right caliper is binding on now too. 😩
I'm getting a refurbished full set of calipers fitted when it goes to SWR.


ClioSport Club Member
Question for anyone reading this:

The caliper that is binding is squeaking when I am braking just now even though the discs and pads are quite new. Are the pads going to be fkd? Or will it go back to normal once the new calipers are fitted?


ClioSport Club Member
Have a look at the pad when you change the caliper, might be fine. I had a binding caliper and squeaking pad which all went back to normal after changing the caliper.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
Depends on how worn the pad is and how it's been sticking. It could be one side is much more worn than the other or it could have been worn at an odd angle. Really hard to say over the internet.


ClioSport Club Member
  2005 182 FF
Also worth looking at front suspension top mounts as these can cause a clunking sound too when cornering if there is too much play in them if ARB not the cause