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Steering column valver

  Clio 16V
My steering wheel moves left to right slightly but doesn’t turn the rack. It does turn when turned further though. I have been told when I bought the valver that it is the joint that sits on the steering column halfway down to the bulkhead and I have located it behind the ducting for the heater vent on the right hand side of the dash. I need to remove this to get to it and I have been told to just get it welded up.

First question, has anyone every done this and can share some advice and second question is how can I get the ducting off the right side dash air vent as I am struggling to get it off and I don’t want to break it!


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 16v/172 daily
Yeah there's a rubber bushing towards the bottom that you need to weld up. Think you'd need to remove the column to do it tho rather than in situ

Unsure with ducting
  Clio 16V
Thanks chaps, yes I was told it’s easy to do in situ but much heat padding /blanket required around it I will put!
This ducting drove me mad last night. It’s silly little things like this that sap ya time up, it just pulls off at the centre but at the right side of the dash it won’t pull off and I can’t feel a clip around it.
  Clio 16V
Removing this ducting is killing me... I can not get it off the right air vent. Anyone got there dash in bits at the minute and can assist with how this bloody thing goes on and off!
  Clio 16V
I am very tempted... sort of done that already and the air vent on the right has made a cracking noise away from the dash. Still all holding in place but the air vent wobbles a bit more now internally. I don’t like breaking parts though but it’s doing my head in massively. I might try and get some big waterpunp pliers on it this weekend and crush the tube down a bit and see if it releases.

If I get this steering sorted and my handbrake light at the back of the car working I reckon I’m ready to pass an mot. Mega chuft how good the shell is.
  Clio 16V
I will do soon...

progress is slow with me and I ain’t no mechanic like most on these forums. Well novice mechanic I like to say, I’m a one spanner out of five jobber out the Haynes manual, aspiring to be a five!😁
  Clio 16V
Got the bloody thing off, I had to damage the end where it connects to get it to release and then it came off.
so moving back to the steering column problem. I don’t understand how or where this thing has to be welded. I am defo going to have to have this done by someone who has done this before plus the fact it is in such a tight space too.