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Steering column


  MKII Vee

Every now and again I get a strange noise coming from the top of the steering column, it sounds like rushing air, really weird. Hopefully its not the start of the end :(. Has anyone had the same problem or have any ideas what it could be?

How old is the car? I know that the steering rack is a common failure on 100k plus mileage 16v/Willys.

No idea about the rushing air. Maybe youre engine has grown a Turbo?!:p

Hmmm. Get someone to inspect the steering rack and the column from under the car. You could bribe a quiet Kwik Fit with some digestives so that you could put it up on a ramp to look for yourself (it works!).

Have you big wheels on there? Do your local roads have more potholes than cats eyes? If so then maybe that has caused extra strain.

From what I can remember when Ive taken my dash off, there isnt really anything that should move to let air in. But maybe theres a slipped plate, or perhaps a rubber grommit has fallen out of the bulkhead where some wires/the column leave the engine bay?


  MKII Vee

Since Ive had it lowered if I run over an ant I feel it, and yes the roads are full of potholes, Ill take the dash off, see what I can see, if nothings obvious, Kwik Fit it is, cheers