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Steering linked to Revs

Ive got a mark II 172 which I am very happy with thankyou very much apart from if the cars is stationary and I turn the steering wheel, the revs drop and then return to normal. Does this happen on all of them?Anybody know what this is as its doing my head in!!!

The power steering pump saps some of the engine power I beleive. The exact same happens to my car, come to think of it, its happened on every car I have driven with PAS!

LOL im no expert but im pretty sure it the power steering. It uses power when you turn the wheel and the engine has to compensate at a guess. Same for all electrics,lights etc, turn them on the revs take a wee dive. Ive always assumed this anyway.

if you have ABS or servo assisted brakes (which you prolly will have in the 172) pump the brakes and the same thing happens - and ur all right, its cos of the power compensation! ;)