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Steering wheel change??

  V6 PH1
Hello hello,

Just in the process of changing the steering wheel in my ph1 vee to this one......

The air bag connection looked different but did connect so carried on. Reconnected the battery but now the 'serv' and airbag warning lights are on. Checked the connections under the seat but they are both good.

Anyone got any ideas as to whether it need to recharge for a bit or whether the connection actually worked????


light should be off straight away, would guess there was something not right about the way you connected it. cant see how it would be different between the two models though. maybe try doing it again and check all connections are fully connected etc
  V6 PH1
will do just waiting on the battery. the connector is not the same as the guide for removal, it pulled straight out sadly my phone isnt helping me iwht pictures today!
  Lots of Alfas
The ph2 airbags are not compatible with ph1 cars, this was discussed ages ago but i cannot find the thread. Thats why the connectors are slightly different.