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Steering wheel recover ?

  E87 118i
anyone had the wheel re-done in leather ? mines awfully worn and there a few places that can re-cover it near me....not cheap, but less than a new MOMO wheel or pics ?
  Citroen DS3 DSport
Any idea of cost for a retrim with leather? My wheel is also wearing badly now and I'd like to get it corrected.
  Renault 5 GT Turbo
I do loads of steering wheel re trims..

Heres my latest which i dod for the owner of another site i have a room on..

Prices discounted for the clio site start at £125.00 depending on thw wheel/design etc etc..

I can also trim your airbag..

Theres loads of wheels i have done on my site..just go to the steering wheel section..


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  Renault 5 GT Turbo
Some more pics of my latest re trimmed wheel complete with logos..

Oh and for those of you who have asked..YES..the wheels defo has to come off the car for me to re trim it!!

Ffi Ffi


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  Renault 5 GT Turbo
Sib said:
where is this done and how long does it take

Re trimming of a wheel takes a minimum of a days labour..

Majority of it is hand stitched hence why it takes so long..

The new leather is cut to an exact spec of your existing wheel..

If you want a logo put on i will need to know in advance so that i can arrange the set up of it and have it put onto the leather if its not one i have in my bank already..

We can also trim your airbag no problem as we use special airbag thread..

I am based just outside Southampton but i get sent wheels from all over the country and I have recently re trimmed a wheel and sent it back to Dubai and another one to America..

Majority of my wheels get sent to me in the post - to give you an idea the postage is usually £7.70.

Ffi Ffi Gibson