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Stereo - Kenwood DNX4280BT Problem

  2002 Renault Clio


I have a Kenwood DNX 4280BT as part of purchasing a new car however..

1. EVERY time i start the car up the "Initial Set Up" appears and have to re set it up every time the car starts. Ideas on how to stop this as it is dead annoying?
2. GARMIN Sat Nav is USELESS!! It constantly says "Acquiring Satellites" whatever that is. Any ideas how i can actually get to use the Sat Nav function? (The antenna is connected properly as the radio stations work fine)

Thanks guys


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Does it need a GPS antenna plugged in ? I doubt you'll get GPS through the FM antenna.....

Sounds like you need to swap the (usually) yellow and red wires over as it's the wrong way round. Your live and ignition are the wrong way.


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TEG has the right idea I believe.

On my system the Garmin has an external antenna which is a sqare thing about 4cmx4cm. It has to go at the top of the car. The Garmin also has a FM antenna but this is used to pick up traffic info in the US, and doesn't play a part in actual navigation. My Garmin's pretty good, and never loses signal unless underground so I definitely think you've got a setup issue there.

EDIT: GPS antenna is in the middle of this picture (upside down)
  2002 Renault Clio
Yeah the GPS Antenna makes sense when I think about it.

The wires I assume you mean just in the back of the stereo is this an easy change do you know?

Thanks for the help!


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I think yours has the Garmin built in as opposed to the external unit I've got, so probably yes, it should be in the back of the stereo. Do you have the installation manual ? I'm trying to dig one up but there doesn't seem to be much on this unit on Kenwood's site.

(but in the meantime, this manual for the 5220 suggests that yes, it does plug into the back: installation.pdf)
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Re: Kenwood DNX4280BT PROBLEM

1. You probably need to switch the permanent live and the ignition power wires over.
2. Radio aerial and satnav aerial are two different things check its has the satnav one connected as well.
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Re: Kenwood DNX4280BT PROBLEM

As above. You've got the ignition live and permanent live round the wrong way. Swap the red and yellow wires.

Nav needs to have a view of the sky not blocked by metal. Don't bury the receiver in the dashboard
  2002 Renault Clio
That is what I thought but I need to take out again have a look if there is an external one floating around. If not I will have to purchase one. Unfourtanetly not i found the instruction manual online ( but its useless regards to instillation.

I have no idea on how to change these wires around any easy way to identify?
  2002 Renault Clio
Thanks everyone for the help very useful! Just to confirm i bought the car with the stereo already in I did not set it up, I will have to sort it out with all your help cheers guys