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Stereo problem in MK2 172.

Well it might not be a problem, im just wondering if they all do it.

When you cycle between tuner/cd change/headunit cd, it seem to remember what volume you had last time you where listening to it. eg. if you are listening to the radio at volume 10, change to cd put it at volume 20, then go back to the radio itll put the volume at 10, but when you try and change the volume it pops and goes really loud for a moment.

Do they all do this or have I got a problem?


Yeah mine too (though i dont have the 44w system as you guys, same headunit though)..i pass it off as just being a poorly designed system!

i suggest you burn it, it must be buy one thats not sh1t hehe:)

Honestly, even a cheap 100pound stereo will make such a difference in your car. Look about as well, lots of good xmas deals.

check out and check the special offers.

Ok then i got confused..i have the 44w and the 172 owners have something better..i duno. I think ill just uprate the existing speakers to nakamaichi
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Ditch the standard one, mine used to have problems when switching between radio and CD, plus it sounded sh*te !! Spend a few quid on a decent head unit and you will see the benifit straight away !!

Why does a better head unit improve things? I spent extra getting the factory version and as far as i know an aftermarket cd headunit (where you put cds in the headunit, not a changer in the boot) is very expensive? Also a flashy headunit promotes nickability!



the head units that are standard cost about £30 to produce (really)

uprating the headunit is like swaping your 1.2 for a 2.0l but in audio terms

do nakamatchi do speakers?

Yeah my dads old aston had them so i presume so. Otherwise something on par with them.

Do the steering wheel controls still work with other headunits?? and do the headunits improve volume and clarity? Thing is id have to replace the speakers as well cos the amount of vibration is sh*te, especially when you change the bass from +2

Rob let me enlighten you.

i very much doubt your stereo is 44w tbh, mine was 22w and that was the cd player that comes with the extreme so i was told.

So getting an upgraded stereo what are the benefits?

1/ Improved power as much as 4x60w, this makes a very noticable difference, even with the standard speakers

2/ Improved looks, nothing improves a dash like a nice looking stereo.

You will also find an uprated stereo produces much clearler and nicer sounds. You will honestly notice the difference big style, trust me:)
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mine tunrs off after 20 mins and no matter what i do it wont correct, can anyone help as its REALLY annoying?? PM me!


Had the same problem with mine. Basically the head unit doesnt know the ignition is on & bleeps, then turns off after 20mins. Youll also notice that the display of time & temp at the top of the dash only comes on when either the radio or the lights are on. My local dealer investigated & after first declaring the car as possessed traced the fault to the display as all things route through it. After replacing the display with a new one under warranty (dashboard had to come out!) all is fine & I no longer have to swear at the thing every 20 mins.