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Stop light/handbrake light

Ok, there is this steep hill on the way back from work with some traffic lights on it. Over the last couple of days, especially in the wet, my stop light has come on whilst i have been waiting by the lights with my handbrake on. When i then go to drive off i spin the wheels a little because i need some power to get up the damn hill, and the stop light and handbrake light flash on and off for a few seconds. When i get past the hill everything is back to normal.

Any ideas?

Check you brake fluid as on a steep hill the level my drop causing the light to come on, failing that if in a few weeks you crash at the bottom of the hill due to break failure try checking the fluid level again!

Im pretty sure my stop light comes on every time I put my handbrake on, Im also pretty sure its supposed to do that. The question came up not long after I got my car ( 2 years now ! holy sh*t) on the old e-groups and everyones did it ?