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Stuck Between D5000 & D90.

  LoW clio Sh*t...&..
Its been a while since Ive been active as Im back in UK for a while before i go back. I have sold my D40 and Ive been looking around for an upgrade. M really interested in the D5000 but I'm just pondering if the D90 is worth paying abit more just to have the AF-motor function. I dont see much difference other than that. What do you guys think. Some input would be majorly appreciated. Or do you recommend something else at the similar budget? Thanks guys. ;) Budgets around £600.
Are you buying in the US? It would be cheaper over there wouldn't it?

I would go for the D90, but that is just because I have upgrade issues. ;)
  LoW clio Sh*t...&..
Erm Since Im very impatient I would buy it in UK if i find the right one. Well with the D90 theres only a difference in £50 i think whereas D5000 is way cheaper.
I just dont know if its worth putting in more for the D90 as its kinda similar to the D5000. Just wanted reinforcement about the D5000 cause i kinda like it.
  LoW clio Sh*t...&..
Yea thanks guys. Just wasnt sure if it was justifiable to pay more and get the D90 but yea I will search around for a second hand one then if not i will get a first hand.
  LoW clio Sh*t...&..
^^ Yea was reading post about that. That made me very unsure. Ok. D90 it is then. :D
Now gotta go rob the bank. lol
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D90 if you have got large hands like myself.....

D5000 is cute..... but I LOVE my D90 to death