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Stupid boy

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I left my car unlocked and unalarmed all night on the drive last night! There has been a few nicked as well round our area recently! 3rd time iv done this since I owned it....!

Very lucky, but I cant understand how it happened im usually double checking every time i lock it.

Think it all adds to my sh*te week. 2 flatt batteries, one fuked tyre, no girlfriend, w**k week at work....! Thank god its the weekend!!!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I thought that but the alarm has its own battery. Even when it has been flat the alarm works fine. Think I might have to get a new one! Battery that is!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

Adams.............. just to bring some light to the situation for ya............ was quite funny how w**k followed straight after no girlfriend :D my dad sometimes forgets to lock his RS Octavia at night, but i always check the 2 cars n my van before i go to sleep anyways! its the weekend.............things can only get better mate, CHEEERS, Rob

hehe, Thats why I love my alarm - it auto arms/locks after 30seconds unless you tell it not too.. Very useful.


I was thinking w**k week at work was quite funny, maybe something odd to do for comic relief. Beats the tw*t in our office who is playing guitar and singing beatles songs all day to raise money. I should have stayed at home..... Things can only get better!!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Actually thinking about it im sure the alarm has that feature daz!! might have to read up tonight and get it working..!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

.........with a wink w**k w**k wink give the dog a BONE, this old man came rollin home!!!............. cant he sing something different for ya to keep ya going through the day? sounds like ur working atmosphere is good today chogg lol