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Stupid plastic things

  Clio RT
i've noticed i have two pieces of plastic or whatever the hell they are on both of the front doors, just where the door's start to arch. they've been bugging me ever since i took notice of them. i cant find out what they are on the internet cause i don't even know what to search for. I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what they are thanks,
  Clio RT
dont have any lol, its just two plastic bits sticking out of each door. weird, my mate says they're wind reflectors but they clearly cant be cause they're just sooo small
On the edge of the dooor?

To stop the paint chipping when the door accidentally hits a wall or something, Or to minimise your door denting another persons door.
you need to upload them to photobucket or similar and then use the
  Clio RT
it does yeah, im spraying the whole dash unit balck, glovebox im not too sure about. got my rear and front seats leathered white and blue, gaters are being changed. and my center console is being sprayed etc too. ill egt some pics up when i have time. work takes alot of my time :(


Window guides incase the pane falls out of line?

I honestly have no idea, i've seen them on other cars though, my mates Ford Mondane has them
  Clio RT
well... i think its safe to say, nobody knows what the hell they are LOL gonna have to phone renault about this little problem. still baffled as i was to start with hehe thanks for the ideas guys! :)
  My trusty lil 182 :)
I understood that they window guides too so that if the pane flexed at all it would go into its runners still when going up. Dunno if thats right tho..