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  850 T5. mmmm Turbo!

Everyone seems to have subs and a few tweeters these days, thats fine if your music, lacks mid range frequencies, such as dance.

i listen to rock and metal and electro/ alternitive.

this features everything, the renault front speakers are fine for me and i have some old school 7x10s on my shelf.

is it worth getting a sub??

is this gonna work, i mean will a bass line blow my boot lid off as it goes on for more than the thump of a dance beat.

not sure if this makes sence. anyone tired subs with ninja tune stuff or metallica or bjork.

hehe love ninja tune stuff :D

gotta love mr scruff

for rock/metal you need a smaller sub so it reacts faster and doesnt sound cack

but to be honest decent fronts should be all you need unless you want to bounce down the street instead