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Summer is a Myth (Yorkshire Chat)


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah sorry, been busy dealing with f**king DICKHEAD children at the campsites honestly I f**king hate kids 😂 such little b*****d cretins that just whine and want everything, no, f**k off ill replace you with a dog.

Very tired after a very s**t night sleep as the air bed collapsed first night so last night I pulled all the supports off my corbeau club sports and we slept on them instead.

Then at 5am there was one of those f**king knob head pigeons going cuh cooooooo cuh cuh chub x 5 every 2 minutes. Even with earplugs in that c**t was so loud.

Then at 7am kids were playing football rightoutside the tent then to top it off Mrs asked me how I was at 8am couldn't care f**king less mate I'm trying to f**king sleep

Will make thread tomorrow