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Sunroof Leak

Ever since I washed my car last sunday water has been coming through the plastic bit that holds the e/w switch for the sunroof!

I thought Id got all the water out and just assumed it must of been the water pressure from the hose pipe, but after last night (raining very heavily) more water has come in!

Has anyone else has this problem (not sure if it is a commen one) and how to fix it?


fit a roll cage m8.. its the body flexing upsetting the sun roof seal..

or, in the more immediate time frame... check the sunroof seal..., and, drains, they often go down the front quarter frames...

This is a very common problem, i think most people on here do have or have had this problem.

One thing i will say is, if you find a permanent solution you will be a millionaire.
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seal your ariel surround, the water is coming in from there if my memory serves me correct!


the water is drippiong on me from unbder the seal round the s/r. I allways end up with a huge wet patch on my shirt when i get to work, and my trousers are allways wet. Ive taken to putting a plastic bags over my seat to sit on.

Just found a slight crack in the aerial seal, and Ive been told I need to get a new aerial from renault.

Does anyone know how much Im looking at for it, or if I can get one cheaper elsewhere?
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Go to Citroen. Ask for an ariel base. They are about £3.20. Thatll fix it. You just screw your old ariel onto it. Well i didnt cos i nicked one of a 206 cabriolet thing. Looks loads better :devilish:

DEFINETLY THE ARIEL!!! (in most cases) Dont be fooled by water under your sunroof in the drain bits, its meant to happen... and get it done quick before it screws up ya central locking, alarm!!!

OK, here it goes.

After buying a Clio 1.8RSi I have been plagued with a leaky sunroof roof.

There are 3 things to check:-

1) The aerial - Best thing to do is take it off completely and bed it on black silicone.

2) Where the plastic frame meets the metal roof of the car. After time the plastic frame starts to warp letting water in from the outside edge. Best thing to do here is run some black silicone round the outside edge or you could use silicon grease.

3) The rubber seal which makes contact with the glass. Try running a thin piece of card between the rubber seal and the sunroof from the inside. If you can push it all the way through easily then the seal will not be making good enough contact with the glass. On a 1.8RSi Renault wanted £82, yes £82 for this rubber seal. So what I ended up doing was running a thick bed of black silicone on top of the existing rubber seal and to top it off a layer of silicone grease once it is dry of course.

For a new sunroof frame inc the rubber seal Renault want £215 which is why it lead me to try my own methods.

Hope this helps


Re: Dont be fooled by water under your sunroof in the drain bits, its meant to happen... and get it done quick before it screws up ya central locking, alarm!!!

On the early clios, they dont have drainage tubes so any water which gets past the rubber sunroof seal will find its way into the car usually through the sunroof switch or internal light.
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arhhhhhhhhhhhh i think i found my alarm problem!!!!

i noticed i hate water dripping from my interior light and my alarm wouldnt stop going off last night!!! thanx lads!! im sure its that!

i can finally get some SLEEP!
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Yes its the airel seal !! Yes its very common !!! Yes get it sorted overwise youll short your alarm and c/locking !!!

Ps mine dont leak !!

  Mini Cooper S JCW

ok so wot have i gotta do?? take the aerial off, and get some of that sealant like u get in your bathroom and put it inside it??

reply tonight please as il do it 2mos morning! cheers :D
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

to be honest Id speak to your local Renault Parts dept and ask their advice !! They should know what youll need to sort it out !! I think there is a replacement seal that can be supplied !! Any probs let me know and Ill give one of my mechs and buzz and find out for you !!


Just pop the interior light out and its just one nut to take the aerial off. Then get some silicone sealant and cover the base of the aerial. Whack it back down and tighten the nut back up. P.S. Good idea to not drive your car for a few hours to allow the silicone to take grip.