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Superleggeras 17" from Portugal

  dCi65 & 16valver
I'm back with... new wheels!

Now @ Superleggera 17" w/ 205/40/17

  dCi65 & 16valver
Thanks all for the comments! :) I'm also really liking the 17" leggera's...

What happened to the 172 bumper?

I was tired of just having one bumper from the sport... with just the rear bumper it looks like the car was incomplete, maybe because of the side skirts that were missing.

  dCi65 & 16valver
What do you guys think.... keep the 17" leggeras or get the 182 (in silver) wheels?



Hi Kiss Luke E****
ClioSport Club Member
  E90 M3
Not a fan mate, sorry :dapprove:

Look a tad big IMO.


  The Cleee-O
I like that! Looks really nice mate, some good subtle mods their that bring the whole car together. Like it a lot :) Keep those over 182's definately, think some centre caps would complete the whimmzzz though :D


ClioSport Club Member
  Focus ST225, Focus E
My eyes decive me, Cs liking alloys bigger than 16" :O

Looks Nice Mate Just Need Centre Caps :star: