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ClioSport Club Member
My plan is to have the Quaiffe fitted over Winter but hadn't considered a stronger clutch, I have already purchased a standard ValeoIn advance. Which Sachs would you recommend on what PMS offer?

In my case it was the clutch cover, and in particular the 'straps' that were braking. (This was on the genuine Renault Valeo kit.)
So it's not like needing a clutch with with increased clamping force, where you have increased the power and it just can't be transmitted through the standard friction material and pressure plate.
I still have the same feeble 176bhp I've always had, and it seems the standard clutch can only cope with the stresses involved in transmitting it from the flywheel to the road in a straight line, which is all the standard diff allows you to do.
The LSD let's you put that power out to a wheel that's really pushing back as you're mid-corner with the accelerator planted. I think that reverse force then transmits back through the driveshaft, diff, gearbox, clutch......the weakest point being the standard clutch cover.

So short answer......I'd recommend the PMS Sachs clutch with the organic friction plate to keep the take-up as smooth as possible.

This is my very amateur take on the subject, quite happy to be overruled by the professionals.

Philip Griffiths

ClioSport Club Member
  182 cup
Hi guys sorry for the lack of reply from me. Thanks again for all the comments and advice. Really is appreciated. I’m gonna take some time and way my options up, I didn’t quite realise how much this could cost, I knew it wasn’t cheap by any means. But I think I’ll have to get Christmas out the way before committing to anything now.

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