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Suspension Top Mounts

  Clio 172

I stripped down the suspension today on my 172 to fit Cup springs.

When I pulled the strut out from the car, I found that the top mount was wobbling about!! :eek:

Is this normal? - I have that annoying squeek/creek on full right hand lock which is that rubbing fault thats pretty common?

Just wondering if this was normal or my top mounts are worn or I need to get that washer kit to sort it out?

Cheers guys
  Dodgy one
Yes its normal, normally its a knocking you get and the washers are put in to correct that, Try lubing your ARB bushes first and a bit of lube on the top mount caps
  Clio 172
Ok, so the big rubber bush on top of the strut is meant to be lose and spinning around?

Thanks for confirming that for me.