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  172 gravel rally
I am looking for some stiffer rear springs for my 2001 172, preferably with ride height adjust platform. Can anyone suggest make and where to get some from? I have seen some Bilstien springs but haven't been able to find a stockist.

Also has anybody fitted low complience bushes to the rear trailing arms, if so where did you get them from?

And another, I have heard that there are solid front strut top mounts available, but there prson who told me couldn't remember where thaty were available from, can anyone help?
  lift number 1 @ btm
yozzasport deal in bilstein, so they might be able to get springs for you. powerflex do the bushes, i think they sell direct.
gdi or ast at powerstation have solid mounts, but the gdi ones are about twice the price iirc.