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FELLA, how big are clios in aus?? i didnt think they were big at all?!!

All my buddies over there are all commodore this and full sik HSV that!

Thats because theyre prolly rev heads like all the other V8 loving blokes here.... they get so pissed when a tiny little "Echo" can swerve in and out of lanes and stick to their bumpers in traffic.......AND use half the petrol doing it.

I remember a friend of mine saying "Mate.. u just cant do anything besides deliver milk with a 2L engine...."

Joseph has pretty much captured the Australian male attitude towards cars with that quote. Bigger is better.

Holdens seem to be the average Rev-heads car of choice, but you have to start paying a fair ammount to match the Clio Sport (172) in performance, let alone handling.

There was a very limited number of MK1s releases here (72 i think), but there is a growing number of Mk 2s around. You occasionally see one parked or drive past, and theres a few enthusiests. This sunday theres about 7 Mk 1 and 2s from Sydney going on a drive though some twisty roads up north, so the Clio spitit is very much alive!

My friends think my car looks like an Echo, until i take them for a spin.