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Symbian phones + TomTom


ClioSport Club Member
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Im thinking about getting a nokia 6680 and tomtom + a cheap gps receiver off ebay.

Does anyone run something like this and does it work ok?


Yep, run Tomtom on my 6600, works fine, just put the latest version of Tomtom Mobile on it, connected to my cheapo bluetooth gps jobby off ebay. Mates got it on his 6680 and it works fine an all, good bit of kit to have on a phone, voice guidance is a little quiet at times tho, might be better on 6680.
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do it clart, its ace mate. just as good as tomtom go. i ran it on 6600 no probs, and now on 6680 and it works a treat. youll need a 128mb mmc card too to fit it on! also got all speed cameras installed with warnings 400metres before them!

if you want me to get u latest version of tomtom mobile let me know on msn mate!
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Id be interested in getting it on my 7610 if anyone can help?

msn me cr1pps(at) if you can help :)

yeah its a good thing to have on your phone, i got it on my 6600, but i couldnt get tomtom on my moble for some reason, so got route 66 instead. is tom tom better than route 66 ???


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its absolutly brilliant. You get the advantages of the tomtom name.... and in a simple package.

If you dont mind not having a mega huge screen for the nav the do it!!!

It is also brilliant if you have a car kit...... as the sound for directions then comes thru the car kit ;)


I tried Route 66 on my 6600 before sticking with Tomtom, Route 66 seemt to run a bit slower and I couldnt figure out how to get speed cameras working or add additional POI like Maccy Ds, Optimax and what not so stuck with Tomtom. All you gotta do is copy about 4/5 folders onto MMC card and it works.


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I just got a lifedrive + navman bluetooth gps + tomtom 5 + all the speed camera POIs and it works brill.

(okay so its palm not symbian, but the theory is the same)
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Anyone know where I can get a cheap gps receiver from as I have the software but cant use it yet?

i cangt seem to get tomtom onit but i but i thhink its because of the tomtom system is a backup version not the proper one.


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installed tomtom tonight, it is the biz, exactly the same as the pocket pc version, got all my speed cameras etc added to warn me, just need to get a gps now.