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Talk me out of it....

  Renault Clio IV
Over the years I've had a 182 FF, 172 Cup and back in 2013 had a low mileage clio 200 Silverstone edition, which I only had for around 6 months before selling due to buying my 1st house.

Fast forward 10 years! And I've had 4 Fiesta ST's! First a Mk7, then an ST2 Mk8 followed by a Mk8 performance edition (really awesome car with around 260 bhp Mountune kit on it) followed by my current Mk7 in spirit blue, currently stage 2, 240 bhp with bags of grunt, only 29k miles, 66 plate and just a fun motor.

And yet I keep looking at Autotrader at bloody Clio 200's! The thing is price wise they seem to be around the same for equivalent mileage but the Fiestas are obviously newer, the Fiestas are half the price for tax, mine does 38 mpg, would leave a 200 standing still and chassis wise can dance every bit as good as the Clios.

Someone tell me why not to get an old expensive Clio!


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