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Buying advice

  420d clio RS200 soon
Good day fellow car enthusiasts

Calling on some advice from down here in South Africa.

I currently own a BMW 420d and looking at getting something smaller and nippier. Not really a fan of a sedan (Coupe) it turns out.

I am interested in a Renault RS200 2014 with 120k KM. The previous owner traded it in for a Migane RS, so obviously a Renault enthusiast.

I have 3 concers, high mileage, EDC gearbox and the limited availability of parts down here in SA.

The value proposition here for me is that the car is going for a good price, R219 000 ZAR. For a comparison I can get an Opel (Vauxhall) Corsa 1.4T Sport with 2018 with 42K KM for that exact price at the same dealer. It's also a pretty rare car in SA I can only find a hand full for sale.

Before the BMW I had an MK7 Golf TDi highline and before that a Fiesta ST MK7.

I was really disappointed to find that the Clio doesn't have a spare wheel. Same as the BMW down in SA we have good roads and some really bad roads with terrible pot holes........

Any advice would be much appreciated.

The Crumb Master

Aka The Human Rolling Pin
ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
120,000 km is nothing for a car nowadays. As long as it’s been serviced regularly.

I don’t blame you for getting rid of the 420d. A nice car to drive up and down a motorway, but dull beyond dull for everything else.