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Tank Capacity

The tank on a 172 hold 50L right?

I know the fuel gauge is pretty inaccurate, but it was sitting right on the bottom, and the computer had gone below the KM left in the tank, so i didnt show a reading. I drove the car for a while longer, so i felt it should be getting reasonably low, but when i filled up i only got just over 40L in.

How long can i run after the Trip Computer stops showing a reading of KMs left in the tank, and how much feul do you all get in each time you fill up?

Im considering zeroing the trip meter next time the fuel warning comes on, buying an emergency can of fuel and running it till it dies so i can see how many Ks you have left in the tank.
  Lionel Richie

Maybe its a "Reno" 50 litre tank ie 46.2547L!!!! Or maybe it means 50L includding fuel line??????