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I cant seem to find it in the search but im sure i remember this post about flushing your engine with some sort of detergent stuff?? anyone no what its called? going in for a service soon so i was gonna add this stuff a week prior, and hopufully it should clear some of the sh*te gum which is causing the tappets to tap??..........


Yeah..... But i think there meant to quiten down after the engine has warmed mine stay the same from cold to hot i just wanted to give it some sort of flush so it runs better over-all How about that 50/50 stuff?

i doubt any solution to your probs will come in a bottle...they rarely do.

just check them for wear and try find WHY they are making that noise.

try using an engine flush in the oil. ive used it many times on my valver, and no harm has been done watsoever! try it, mits get rid of sum crudd in them. if that doesnt work, then the head will need dismantling, and the tappets cleaned out, then re-priming with oil.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

never used any flush but they have a display thing in my local Halfords for the Wynns stuff and it looks pretty decent, possibly usin some myself on my next oil change

there is another product, ask 2live about it, its made by someone who makes this good fuel additive, not sure what its called though, but ive seen a little display of that too and that also looked good

the reason why tappets get ticky, is because the oil entering them, has to go thru a tiny hole(1-2mm diamter). if the oil dusnt get changed regulalry, then this hole getsa gummed up with crudd, as does the plunger inside. its the build up of oil pressure inside the tappet, that stops it from ticking. to get out the tappets, uv gota remove the camshafts, which onvolves removing the cambelt.

once the tappets r out, stick them in a jar of white spirit, pumping the plunger up and down, to expel all the oil black oil. keep doing this til the plunger moves freely under its own weight. from there, insert the tappet in a jar of clean oil, and work the plunger once again. this primes the tappet with new oil. place the tappet back into its bore(the correct way around), and repeat for all 16 tappets. that should keep the tappets nice n quiet for another 50-60k miles-unless of course they r worn to excess around the outside, or the plunger is buggered.