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Tekken 6


ClioSport Club Member
  535d / t5 caravelle
last time i played tekken, it was tag team tekken used to love it, what console is this on? last one i had was a ps2


  RS Clio 172
i LOVE tekken. although as much as i love the xbox controllers this is a ps controller game. hmmm.......
  Impreza WRX
I got it last night, and gotta say I am pretty impressed with it. Not played the Tekken games for ages, but it does seem very good when compared to Street fighter.

This morning I have been googling trying to find out some of the 'special' moves but they are all restricted here at work. If anyone can access them, and fancies pasting them into a word doc - please feel free to send it my way.



  Audi TT Stronic
Got this as well as I love Tekken.. glad to say they haven't done anything stupid to change it for the sake of change.. few new charachters and more combo's destructible environments etc.

All in it's a quality game and it has just pick up and play appeal..


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ClioSport Club Member

Made of fooking win tbh!
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been mucking around and i'm really feeling bruce irvine and bryan fury atm. bryan is just awesom tbqh!