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Tell me this isn’t true:

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Quote from another thread "the 16v boxs dont normally last over 60k"

Is this really true???????

Im shocked if it is, ive never heard of any other manufacturer car needing new gearboxes after 60k miles, i would have thought up to 100k easily?!?!?

my gear box in my valver has done 126k miles, and its sweet as a nut. a bit clunky in 2nds gear when cold, but apart from that its fine. depends what kind of driving you do, whether its town driving, lots of gear changing, and full on 8k rev limit action in 1st and 2nd. thats what kills them off, not jsut ren boxes. treat then well, change the oil every 20k miles, and itl last ages.


Mines on 94.5k. It has been re-built, but is fundamentally sound. My mates was on 130k, but then his car was flooded so he got a new one anyway.

Will depend mostly on driving style.

Yes Nick it is true. This may obviously not happen on every 16v there is but the majority of 16vs have gearbox problems after 60k. The problem is the 16v box is very weak compared to the power running through it. Standing starts or traffic light grand prixs on the 16v put mega strain on the box and they will eventually go bang. Before i bought my car i was warned of the dangers by my personal mechanic who does all my work on all my cars since i was 17 years old, he had three 16vs before mine all with gearbox problems after 60k.

Renault obviously didnt test thier cars very well after production to realise this.

It happened to me after 62k with a mostly cared for FRSH car.

Well my car is still on the original box to the best of my knowledge, so that would make it on about 136k, its running more power than a williams/172 and i like to drive it!;)

Ok, it bust the mount in France but since then its been fine, probably something to do with the fact that i have a spare one sitting outside, but would prob still fit a willy box if mine goes.

Code for my box is JB3 048.

  CTR EK9 turbo

well, my gearbox has been replaced and the second is on the way out. My cars only done 22,000..........lots of grand prixing tho..