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Tesco insurance rip-off

I phoned up Tesco today to get my girlfriend added to the Williams insurance. From now until my renewal date (14 days away), they have charged me £13.50. That seems to work out at about £350 a year. Seemed a bit steep, but I paid it and asked for them to give me a renewal quote. The figure they came back with was £1380 (for the two of us on the policy) Fully Comp. (Im 26 with 5 years NCB, no convictions etc.)

I then immediately went onto their website and, using the exact same details as they just used to quote me over the phone as an existing customer, I was quoted......£880!!!

So there it is, Tescos will value your business so much, they will try and fleece you for a totally unnecessary £500 premium on top of your premium. If they had quoted me £880 over the phone they would have had my business, but as they have tried to con me, Im off elsewhere.....I just got a quote from Admiral (via - excellent site) for £823 including protected no-claims bonus.

So, as Im sure many people here are Tesco Insurance out.....!

  Williams 2, STi N12

Ah no its you that should learn the lesson!!!

NEVER let your G/F on your car were asking for it!!!


I had the same thing with Admiral believe it or not! I had a policy with them did all my research for renewals on the net, decided to go with them again and when I called up the guy was saying +£200 on top of the net quote. He suggested I cancel and take get the net quote, he even put a note on my file to cancel any charges for early cancellation of the policy.

Admiral are good and the protected NCB is a huge bonus. One word of advice though, I had problems with their after office hours customer service desk. I think they recently switched to a call centre in India which is fine but they havent got used to the systems get and that on top of a few communication problems made my discussions a bit stalled. All the customer service people were very nice though and we got it sorted out in the end.

  Williams 2, STi N12

Yip, agreed.

Still Im with Tesco and I pay around the same too for my Willy. 26 with 4 yrs NCB.

Might try the pay as you go one, as I only do 3 miles a day to work and back!!

Well I had the complete opposite with Tesco. Used their online quote to give me an idea of what to pay come renewal, quote was £680 same as last year. A week later got the renewal through and was £588. Go figure......

Tescos gave me a cheaper on-line quote too...

I phoned them up, and they said £2100 fully comp on a willy 2 (21 with no no claims).

Then I tried their website £1775 fully comp. I know if u book on-line u get a 5% discount. But I aint gonna complain if they cant add-up properly.

But then again £1775 just on insurance is still bent.

Yeah, i done the full internet search and the back pages of Maxpower. Somehow Tescos ended-up being the cheapest. Unless anyone else has got any recommendations?

Liverpool Victoria quoted me £2500,

The biggest shock was A Flux quoting me over 3K, all my mates got good quotes with em apart from me...I got a feeling that they might of taken my details down wrong, so i gonna give them another go.

Tesco have been cheapest for me on my last 2 cars. Before that was Hyperformance and before that was Admiral. It seems to change most years but all the info (age, car etc.) means they can be quite different for everyone. I usually call at least 10 each year!!

I was with Tesco and I got insured without alloys on. Then I got alloys, and chose not to tell them. (I was, and still am, a poor student) 2 days before renewal date I was ringing around some places. I contacted tesco and asked them to add some alloys onto my policy to see what it would be like. But I told them I didnt actually have any on at the time, but I was seriosly thinking about it. They did, then wanted £11.50 off me. I asked why and they told me it was because I had alloys on. But I hadnt (as far as they knew) but they said they couldnt take it off. They told me that unless I paid they would not be able to continue covering my car. And I couldnt be arsed with the hassle of loosing that years ncb for £11.50. So after that phone call I set about getting my money back. No luck, but I took my buisness somewhere else as they were tw*ts. Still cheeper than where I ended up but its the principle. Ended up with CIS and they are great. A bit more expensive but can do anything to the car (apart from engine) and they dont care.


Exactly the same thing happened to me. My renewal notice came through and it wasnt quite as cheap as I had hoped to I hopped on the internet and did a fresh quote which worked out about 150 quid cheaper!

sorry lads but i got my insurance with bell direct,600 fully comp,protected,thats on my v6,30 years old with 7 years no claims.

Hmm.....just got the insurance renewal documents complete with stupid quote from Tesco and noticed that they only had me down as 2 years No Claims instead of 5 years. Phoned up expecting a fight and the guy just said "oh yeah, Ill get that changed for you" and then quoted me £757 for renewal, so I have gone with them again now after all. Strange!


weell i was just qutoed £1400 here in jersey.. to insure the R5 GTT!!

just phoned Norwich union... they will insure me for £535 or £595 with protected NCB..

or £386 TPFT!!