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Thank feck for the Consumer Credit Act

Ive posted about the problems that I had with my Williams since buying it, and today I finally got a resolution. The biggest problem was the locking wheel nuts being jammed on and the "keys" being broken. The dealer seemed to accept no responsibility for this, so I phoned Trading Standards and they advised me to go for the finance company as they are jointly liable under the Consumer Credit Act.

I wrote a big long letter of complaint regarding all the issues last Monday, citing the CC Act and also Sale of Goods Act and chucking in a mention of Trading Standards along the way. The finance company arranged a meeting between themselves, myself and the dealer this afternoon and Hey Presto! all is sorted out. The car goes in on Friday for 24 hours for them to fit a new catalytic converter, repair the badly fitted back box and finally drill the wheel bolts out. All I have to pay for is, if I require them, a new set of locking nuts.

Hooray for the Consumer Credit Act (1974)!!!!!!!


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Woohoo nice one! Always nice to hear these happy endings as well all be in a position like this now and again.
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So who pays for all that the dealer or the finance company?

How are the finance company liable if you excuse my ingorance? Was it dealer finance or your own?

Pleased you got a result though!!!

Good for you Rhys....nice result.

All credit ( no pun intended ) to you for taking it further instead of being complacent.


Until I pay off the finance, the finance company own the car and are selling it to me, hence they are deemed jointly liable under the consumer credit act with the car dealer who had to sign a statement saying the goods were in a "sellable" condition. They are the dealers finance company, but I have to say they have been superb. I made my complaint last Monday, so its been resolved in less than 7 days.

Certainly goes to show that making a fuss can work. The meeting was very amicable and mentioning trading standards (who were also excellent) seemed to get the problem sorted that bit quicker.

Just for everyones information - Trading Standards will give out advice without you having to go through making a complaint. They were able to tell me what to say to whom, and made me aware of the various laws protecting me. Good result all round as Im fed up of being ripped off by traders, especially those in the motor industry.

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Cheers for that mate.

Wish more people in this country would make a fuss then perhaps we wouldnt get ripped off so much!!!
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Just be careful they dont take retribution on your alloys when they get the drill out!!!!!!!!!! Make them aware they are liable for damage.

Good result though!!!


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Well done Rhys - a satisfactory conclusion, just as it should be. The car should have been inspected before it was sold to you, not wait for you to have to complain.

No wonder we get fed up of dealers, when they are not doing their job efficiently.