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Thank goodness for the warranty !

Just got the car back after 4 days at the dealers (mostly waiting for parts). Story started about 2 months ago, noticed ticking noise from around the accessory belt. Dealer had a listen and said I had to wait for it to get worse before they could justify stripping it to investigate.

Kept an ear out for it but the sound didnt really change. Was washing it on Sunday and had a nosey under the bonnet, bugger, the accessory belt, whilst still going round everything was a right mess, it was cut in two down the middle along its length !

Down to the dealers who took it off me to strip. A tensioner had disintegrated and cut the belt, also damaging the alternator pulley and idler pulley. Net result £775 :eek:, thank god for the extended warranty ! Only cost me the belt which was £15. Feck me the alternator was £387 :eek:!