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The Apple Watch Thread


ClioSport Club Member
Apple Watch is mid cycle so probably another 6 months before S5.
I’d defo look at a Series 4, they’re so much nicer to user than S0-3 with the bigger screen and spec bump. As above the ECG app is handy and they all have GPS so good for running and cycling without your phone.
  MK2 PH2 1.2 16V
I really want one as been exercising a lot more lately, would use it for golf etc. I might go for a series 4 on payday. Should I go for NIke+ instead? If I am right in thinking only the faces are different and the band? I'd probably end up buying a new band anyway sooner rather than later.


ClioSport Club Member
There's a Nike+ app too. I went for it just because I preferred the band.

I got a refurbished 3 - it's a decent saving and with Apple refurb stuff you can't tell it's not brand new and it comes with the same warranty. Worth a look if you're not 100% sure on it and don't want to splash out for a 4 straight away:

I love mine, some of the best money I ever spent.