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  1. DeeKay86

    Apple "Spring Loaded" Event - 4th April 2021 - My Comprehensive Notes!

    Hi everyone, As per usual, here are my notes from todays event. I hope you find them somewhat informative. Have an awesome day! Apple "Spring Loaded" Event - April 20th 2021. --- Notes by DeeKay86 - @TheRealDeeKay86 --- --- Tim Cook on screen. - First event of 2021. - Apple HQ is now Carbon...
  2. AdDaMan

    Anyone Selling a Macbook Pro?

    Thought id ask just in case.... Im after a 15" Pro 2016-2018 MUST have: Touchbar-at least 16GB-and at least 500GB SSD Also really cheap would be nice! 😂 Thanks!
  3. boultonn

    Apple HomeKit

    So I started my home automation project at the weekend with the Philips Hue starter kit with richer colours (very happy so far), and have got it all working with Homekit and have a couple of automation bits setup, so far it's working well. Was just wondering if anyone else had bothered using...
  4. MrBlonde

    iphone 4s

    Have my old iphone 4s for sale on ebay. Item number-351766366153
  5. MrBlonde

    iPhone Camera

    Is it just me or is hard to get a good photo using the iphone camera??.ive just got the new SE and thought the camera would be much better.but still cant seem to get that great photo!.keep taking photos of my 172 just not been really impressed yet
  6. lordyjordy

    Apple Watch for sale!

    I'm selling my Apple Watch Sport (42mm), due to upgrading to the new Blackberry Priv. A great phone, but unfortunately, Android isn't compatible with the Apple Watch. Theres hardly any sign of use apart from some usual light wear marks on the band. I know it's a long shot, but I thought I may...
  7. RDH

    Apple TV questions

    Posting in here before I have to go to the apple shop as I'm sh*t with technology and can't understand the craic. I basically want something to watch netflix/iplayer/itvplayer etc etc on in my room, can I do this? Does the box run off wifi? Ive recently learned that you can't use sky go on...
  8. Sunglasses_Ron

    *CANCELLED* RDR Camping 2016 *CANCELLED*

    Same place as usual now! Provisionally booked for Friday August 5th 2016 to Sunday August 7th 2016 If you've never been before check out the RDR14 and 15 camping threads to see what it's all about. So who's in? (Anyone can come to this btw! Just because you're...
  9. C.J

    Apple TV 4

    So, earlier this month Apple announced the much anticipated updated Apple TV 4th gen. I was/am really excited by this, mainly for the UI update, as the current one is pretty boring. Apple specs: Breakdown...
  10. C.J

    Apple event - 9th September

    So, new event tonight at 6pm GMT. Rumours are: iPhone 6s iPad Pro TV Watch bands iOS 9 I welcome a new Apple TV. I'm not sure how I would benefit from one (as ATV3 does everything I need), but apps would be cool.
  11. CrippsCorner

    Apple Pay

    Anyone been using this then? Used it for the first time today! Cashier was like... "that's cool" :) Until after 30 seconds of stalling on 'processing' it came up with 'transaction failed' and basically crashed the shops machine! Whoops. Anyone else experienced that? Was pretty embarrassing to...
  12. CrippsCorner

    Apple Music/Beats 1

    Anyone trying these out? I'm not at all interested in Apple Music, it's just not the way I listen to music. Anyone moving over from Spotify though? Beats 1... wasn't that bothered but gave it a go after seeing Hudson Mohawke, Mele & Plastician on one of the first playlists! Haven't really...
  13. midge

    Need a new phone, and a new contract, what do people advise? No Apple!

    Been on pay as you go for 10 years all the time with o2 and the whole time with the same number, now I'm wanting a contract phone so i can get a good amount of internet data, had a play around with a samsung in the shop and it seemed alright, a friend was telling me that some have removable...
  14. yellowbelly

    Apple iPod 5th generation 60gb £75

    Selling my Apple IPod 5th Generation with 60gb as no longer use it basically. Here is my ebay link for photos Looking for £75 plus postage
  15. Sam

    Films onto Apple TV

    Hi Guys. I had a jail broken Apple TV 2 with xbmc installed on there and i had it linked to my server so i could watch all the films i have on there. It worked pretty week even though the xbmc was a bit clunky. Anyway, my ATV2 has decided to update tonight (first time in about 2 years) and...
  16. Typhoon

    Apple App Store update error

    Hmm, can't work this one out. My boss regularly uses WhatsApp to send images of stock but as of a month or so ago, the app is outdated and needs updating before it can be used. When he goes to App Store > Updates He will click on an App to update it and it pops up asking him for his password...
  17. MarcB

    Apple Help

    Late 2011 Macbook Pro 13" OS X yosemite 10.10.2 4GB Memory Im wanting to go back to the original Mountain Lion 10.8.* software. I have tried to reinstall it but it just keeps going back to OS X yosemite 10.10.* and i do not want it. I will be upgrading my hard drive to a SSD hard drive along...
  18. Jay_A

    Apple Repair Program

    If anyone is interested, Apple have finally acknowledged issues with Macbook Pro's from 2011 to 2013 that include; Distorted or scrambled video on the computer screen No video on the computer screen (or external display) even though the computer is on Computer restarts unexpectedly If you're...
  19. N

    Trophy MJ55 off M56 to Appleton

    Followed you off at about 5:30pm in my Blue 182 down the long straight and gave you a quick flash - sounded great! :)
  20. Knuckles

    Apple CarPlay

    This snuck under the raider didn't it. Available on some models of cars as a factory option from 2014 or available to retrofit via the pioneer/Apple offering.
  21. MarcB

    Apple Tv Newbie

    Getting myself a 3rd Gen apple TV for my xmas from the other half. Been wanting to get an Apple Tv but i have been put off with the fact i know nothing about it or what it actually does. Been sitting watching some reviews on youtube and so far it looks decent but i am wondering a few things...
  22. D

    Apple TV & Movies

    I use Plex as my media server .. I have a Mac Mini downstairs which never turns off and the Plex server runs on it. I then have the Plex Home Theater Client on the same machine for viewing the files, I also have Plex on my iPhone for Music & Xbox One. I have a Roku box in one bedroom which...
  23. A

    Damn You Apple.

    5k iMac will no doubt be awesome, I really want one (even though I have a 2013 iMac). Air 2 isn't a worthy upgrade from the Air IMO. I'm sad there was no Apple TV upgrade. Yosemite looks great.
  24. H

    Replacement apple parts?

    So my iPad Air has cracked now so gonna go and buy a replacement part to do it myself as I've done plenty of iPhones and pretty competent! got me onto this website they do some really nice replacement...
  25. Knuckles

    Chester Apple TV request

    If anyone has an atv 2 or 3 local to me, could I borrow your remote in exchange for beer tokens? I misplaced mine but I've always used the app so had no need to find it until now when I changed broadband. I can plug it directly into the internet and pair a new remote to it but that will be a...
  26. Dunc.

    The Apple Watch Thread

    Thoughts on this? Anyone going to order one on launch? Good solution to charging it and it seems nicely customisable.
  27. Sport200

    172 flamer Tesco car park Applemore

    Looked Very clean. :cool:
  28. Simon_16v

    Apple TV Reduced

    The Apple TV is down to £79 on the apple site, must be in place for a replacement later this year?
  29. Sport200

    LY 182 Tesco Applemore

    About 5:30. Looked immaculate. :)
  30. H

    2008 RB 197cup Applegarth Northallerton