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The B@stards...

As some of you may know... i had a worrying sound comming from the engine... renault watford decided it was the heat shield and has taken 2 weeks to replace the clips. I picked it up tonight... all sounded fine until the engine was warm... same problem as before! Service dept. has gone home... and im kinda pissed off.

Id put money on it that its one of the tensioners like I told them when they first had the car.

I want my money back. I love the car.. hate the dealership. Theyd better sort it by Saturday or its off to court we go :mad:

Had the same prob...had the tentioner responsible replaced yesterday...had to wait 4 days 4 them to sort it though, bit pissed off that it happened to an 8 month old car :mad:. Must admit the dealership in Cornwall was very helpfull though, as I didnt buy the car from them, the same dealer ship also sells Rovers & MGs my hubby has an MGZS180 from them, hes had no probs whatsoever with it