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The best toast ever!

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

I was driving to the g/f last night an came accross a Golf VR6 on the way to Whitley Bay who was well up for it but the road was far too busy. He still tried to get away from me but I kept glue to his bumper and I was in Fifth from about 60mph and had a gear change at about 90 as there was a blue puff of smoke from his exhaust when I believe he changed gear. I could have pulled passed had the road not been too busy and dropped it down a gear.

But this was not the half of it!!!!!

On the way home came up against a Red CTR who was also up for it. He couldnt pull away either BUT at about 1!0 along the motor way passing a slip road another MKII 172 pulled on to join us DOUBLE TEAM!!! Now I havent seen this car before but this guy was crazy. He caught up at a roundabout and blew us both away the CTR probably had the legs above 60 but on the 3 roundabouts this other 172 just flew away the CTR was all over the place trying to keep up. I was just content to sit behind the CTR watching the show, my bottle ran out before my grip did. I think the CTR driver was in shock to have 2 172s after him at the same time

Hope that makes sense cos it get the adreniline racing every time I think about it. So if the other 172 driver is on here HELLO ND02 was the reg i think but never got a good look. It was the most fun ever
  mk2 172

nice one mate!, that is the race i want, would be ace to have a 172 there as well as a reno double team. i was sandwiched between 2 172s the other day in the peak district, we had a bit of fun too
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

It was blue!! He must have some sort of recing experience cos the way he took the roundabouts was awesome!! If only I could have seen a ClioSport sticker

He has a Cliosport sticker but I am not sure if he has stuck it on yet, I will have to ask him, what area was it in GP ?

Forget that, it was not him, his plate has an N in it but it is different. The owner of that blue car needs to get on here and show himself !

My best race was when some of us were on our way to a Cliosport meet about February/March time. There was a huge group of moded Clios, though we were fairly spread out so as not to attract the wrong attention.

Anyway, the highlight was with myself in my number being with my mates 250bhp Williams 3. For some reason, people kept picking on the RTs and 1.2s amongst us. So wed stay in the shadows - waiting for people to be arsey to the lesser Clios - and then go and roast them as a double team!! What a sight!
  172 & LCR

Where was the race with the civic and the other 172 GP Ill keep my eyes open cause Ill have some of that due a bit of fun, are you coming to York on 25th Aug.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Coming out of the tyne tunnel(sunderland side).

Not sure about York, Marks on holiday at the minute so Ill ask him when he somes back. Hell be scared though in his poxy Civic.