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The cups new bed

Some of you may be aware that I've been having a nightmare trying to get access to my drive sorted. Well its now sorted :D

Basically the problem was to do with the new gate I had fitted. I needed something doing quick and cheap because I needed it ready for when we moved in to the new house and money was tight. Turns out I should have spent a bit more and used a different contractor as he put the hinges the wrong way round and after 7 weeks of chasing I gave up and have changed them round myself. Was really quite satisfying doing it myself and certainly going to be doing more DIY :D

Its a bit of a tight fit, but its far better than leaving her out on the street! Anyway heres a few pics of it all done and the cup in place.

Cheers for all the positive comments :D

Ghetto drive action.

Damn right!!

I suggest maybe moving it back a bit, incase someone jumps or knocks your gate and damaging your bumper.

we tested for that, they'd need to break the gate to hit the bumper. its bolted into the ground and into the brace bar!

Should have taken the living room window out and parked it in there.

Not a bad shout! However I think the GF and landlord wouldnt have liked that idea...


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nice work dude. still got some garden left though behind the shed?