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Dont touch it m8 - get the fingerprinters out (though it will probably take about 3 days...)

[Edited by White16valver on 10 April 2005 at 4:48pm]

edit: I cant read, sorry lol

Hope the printers got something and hope you can get a good ID off the cctv! Really f**ks me off when people have no respect for other peoples property. :mad:
You should do a screen grab and put posters up around the area if the police fail to get anyone. At least then someone might recognise him. Then you could pay him a little visit...
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nope, nothing to nick mate, both cars empty other than general crap as you can see in the pic! nothing on display etc.! police said 5 other cars got done too! good job my car was in the garage!

we got em on cctv ;) but the police took the tape now!

he looked like a right prick as well!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

haha i said to my mum aftwards, you didnt give them that tape did you? its got some home made porn on it i made other week! shed already checked the whole tape tho hehe
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At least the cops took the tape. When cars in our road were broken into and vandalised the cops werent interested in mine.

What camera do you have?
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Quote: Originally posted by White16valver on 10 April 2005

Really f**ks me off when people have no respect for other peoples property. :mad:
id agree with this....especially after this week!! :mad:

at least theyve managed to fingerprint the cars for you, hope something comes of it. because of the damned rain they werent interested in mine. but the prints are still so clear, even now!! :(
  172 Exclusive

Though luck mate, exact same happend to me twice with my old 106.

Only thing they stole was a pair of perscription sunglasses, so somewhere there will be a chav walking round in sunglasses bumping into everything :cool:

Dont you think manufacturers would do something like put a steel plate round the locks so your average chav with a screwdriver can get in.

I can empathise completely, nothings ever made me want to march into the local chavland estate with a baseball bat and start taking heads off more than having my car broken into for nothing. Of course I didnt, but at the time it seemed like the only thing thatd make me feel any better.

Im absolutely AMAZED the feds turned up and did anything about it, really hope you get an ID on the idiots who did it. Wouldnt be surprised however if you found em and they decided to sue you for breach of human rights when you filmed them.

... and won.

*wonders off in a fit of rage about the useless, backwards justice system*
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

yeh police came round, and a bobby turned up. i think it was more due to the fact that there had been a few done locally last night too!

iv always had my valvers parked on the drive and no bother in 7+ years!
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thats a shame mate, my car got done over this wkend but they didnt wanna nick anything just wanted to f**k it up. they are dickheads the lot of them!!!

feel for ya.
  Ziel Nurburgring

Bad weekend for Clios mate. There is another thread about someones spoiler getting ripped off, make you so angry and all thatll happen to them is a caution/let off due to lack of evidence
  The Beast MK4

Shame that the first thing I have to read about on a Monday morning on here are two cases of mindless vandalism. Makes me mad! :mad:

Unlucky mate and I hope the tw*ts are picked up soon!

Craig do you recognise the dude who did that to their cars?
is he one of the local scum bags?

what are the police doing about it?
sorry for the questions, i reckon they ought to hang the bloke.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

didnt recognise him no. he looked like a scumbag tho! luckily there arent really any chav pricks that hang around my area nowdays. there used to be years back like! he was up nxt doors drive too, so think will have been some tw*t from one of rough parts of sheff, as we only live 2mins from motorway junction!