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The Icarus thread v2.0

  Freetrack&Monaco 172
Hello all,

Bought my Monaco 172 at the end of October from a former member on here.

Have spent the last month or so getting her tidied up and fixing various issues with it. I thought the last owner sounded like things had been done properly and the car has had loads of bits replaced for the better, however the amount of missing screws/bolts/clips, faults, bodges or non-working bits on the car has changed my opinion on the reliability of his work (although to be fair, some may be from the owner before him)......

So far I have:

- Two new Rainsport 3's for the rear to match the Rainsports on the front as they were down to the markers.
- Fitted Bosch wipers all round as the old ones were shockingly poor/streaky.
- Replaced the gearbox reverse switch module as it wasn't working.
- Replaced the rear worn pads with new OEM spec Brembo pads (get on really well with the same type in my daily A4 Quattro with S4 brakes).
- Fitted the Cup spoiler that came with the car but was not find the previous owner had chopped the cables off to refit the original spoiler when it was up for sale and not reconnected the high level brake light or the rear wash hose. Hmmm....
- De-glazed the headlights as they were in a really bad way (even though it was advertised as having headlights in good condition).
- Fitted a new boot latch module as the switch had failed so the boot light didn't come on and spuriously the door open/interior light would come on under braking as it thought the boot was open.
- Replaced the slam panel-bonnet seal as it was all split and was hanging into the engine bay.
- Cleaned out the airbox as it was the home to a dead mouse and loads of moss/nesting grasses.
- Fitted the Recaro bucket I still had from my days of my 172 Cup, with 3 point Sabelt harness.
- 20mm hubcentric spacers to the front axle and I have some 15mm ones for the back to fit, but I think the spiggot length may be too long so the 20mm ones will go on the back and I'll get some 25mm ones for the front. It's currently on 195 width tyres so has room to spare and needs a bit more poke. The rear tyres are 205's and the plan is to replace the fronts with the same when they wear out.
- Had the spare tyre repaired as it had a screw hole in the middle of the tread (another fault not mentioned by the old owner).

Still to do's:

- Fix the cup spoiler wiring and washer plumbing.
- Replace the front DS2500 pads with OEM spec Brembo pads and new HC Brembo discs as the cold bite isn't as good as I want/need for the route to and from work as planning to use the Clio as the daily once the weather warms up next spring/summer. Will keep the 2500s and current discs to pop back on for track days (all labelled up so they go back in the right way round etc) I think so they don't need bedding in etc.
- Work out what greasy gloop has been spilt in the passenger footwell and under the passenger seat. I also think the door seal is leaking too so I think its oil and water as it has no odour. All soaked into the carpet 😧
- Replace either the Cat or centre section as there is a resonant rattle at about 4000rpm from the exhaust.
- Fit camber correction bolts as the camber looks to be quite high on the front as a result to the Sportline springs that came fitted to the car. The previous owner stated the car had had a Hunter Laser Tracking done but I think that had been before the Eibach pointless as being advertised with it.
- Have the tracking done myself.
- Fit some road legal BS marked number plates (maybe legal pressed ones like I had fitted to my old Cup).
- Delete the headlight washers as the washer fluid magically disappears overnight. Need to replace the washer bottle with a non-sport washer bottle and delete properly.

Will add some pics later :smile: