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The "Ive taken a pic and I kinda like it" thread


ClioSport Club Member
Nice images. I'd say it's possibly a bit tight crop.on the windmill shot, but that's just personal preference.

You can only share images from the flickr website I think, the app is absolutely awful for doing most things.

Go to the share arrow and select Bb code. Copy the code (best using the medium size one of 800px or so) and then just paste it into the reply box on here. Once you press post reply you should see it.



Dr Jekyll

ClioSport Club Member
I like them shots. The 1st pic has good lines to get it nice and straight too and both have lovely colours going on.

I'm no photographer but I find the best way to learn, is to get out and shoot. Practise makes better.
  Clio 182 Trophy
Cheers guys. I think getting out more with the camera is something I really want to do at the moment. Also think I used to expect to get 10 good shots everytime I went out but Ive lowered by expectations now which makes it more enjoyable too
I did a photo shoot for one of the teams in my boys basketball club. I’m now roped into a full days work doing all the other teams. All for a good cause I suppose and it’s nice to dust off the studio set again.


Twingo 1??

ClioSport Club Member
  Twingo 133 Cup,
Found this old shot from ages ago. Was taken from a pier on the Isle of Seil where I used to fish as a kid. Happy days ?.
  clio 172
Motocross looks like its frozen in midair and other picture was from Weymouth over the hills to the sea, love taking pictures just seem to catch things at the rite time got 1000s more haha wont bombard the post tho ?